The Perfectionist Manifesto (2015)

13483357_10154194432301257_7964087952957496834_oThis live-art, one-woman show will appeal to the perfectionist within. Part comedy, part musical, part therapy; The Perfectionist Manifesto serves as the final showdown between Carly and her long battle with perfectionism.





The Unfurling of Curly Wurm (2015)

The Unfurling of Curly Wurm

Squirm along with Carly Fern (a.k.a Curly Wurm) as she burrows deep beneath the layers of her psyche, unravelling and revealing the true nature of her subconscious. For lovers of retro-futurist-dystopian-magic-realism, psychoanalysis & small-budget-absurdist-theatre. A show about imagination, procrastination & madness.